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Reducing carbon footprint in mining by bulk ore sorting

Sustainability and environmental consideration stand at the core of IMA’s philosophy. Everything we do is to help mines become more efficient and environmentally sustainable. In Bulk Ore Sorting the IMA BOSS is removing waste rock from mineral concentrator feed material and replacing it from ore recovered by sorting from waste rock.

Integrated Mining Technologies for More Sustainable Raw Material Supply

In 2017, the Iterams project consortium started the adventure towards more sustainable mining under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 program. The project marked a new direction to the mining industry in relation to mine water and tailings. One of the main challenges of this century is to conserve and protect freshwater. The team at ITERAMS has published THE H2020 ITERAMS INTEGRATED MINING TECHNOLOGIES FOR MORE SUSTAINABLE RAW MATERIAL SUPPLY book this month.

New IMACON 100 version deliveries started

Tur latest IMACON version is based on same proven XRF technology that made the IMA Engineering on-line sensors well-known in the mining industry around the globe.

Increase mine efficiency and productivity with the IMA BOSS

Mining companies are faced now with the challenges to meet their targets for this and coming years. IMA Engineering suggests that mines increase the mill head grade by processing higher grade ore. However this can lead to there is a challenge in achieving this without the low grade ore going to waste rock area.