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Meet the IMA technology

Fast Conveyor Analyzer

The IMA Fast Conveyor Analyzer (FCA) Sensor provides immediate on-line grade data, right at the crusher. No need to take the samples to the lab.

IMACON 100 on-stream analyzer

Analyze oxide or elemental compositions in finely ground dry powders or wet slurries at the concentrator and another processing plant, with IMA’s on-stream analyzer.

IMA Autosampler: drill-chip sampling device

Grade control in mining plays a key part in distinguishing ore and waste rock borders and in understanding the true ore grade location and value.

Read more about the Autosampler in use:

Underground Mining

Mining Safety

Metal and Industrial Mining

IMA Blast Hole Sampler Analyzer

BSA collects samples and dense drill cuttings data from production and Reverse-Circulation holes, that allows companies obtain accurate 3D maps of the blast benches. 

IMA Scanmobile: drill core analysis lab

Scanmobile is a mobile lab built in a utility truck (van) for analyzing elements minerals and rock quality from drill cores on tray. The analysis results; elemental composition, minerals and RQD-value are reported via a remote logging web browser; Remolog™.