Meet the IMA technology

Fast Conveyor Analyzer

Keep Ore Grade to the mill consistent, no matter how complicated ore bodies are, with IMA’s cross belt analyzer: Fast Conveyor Analyzer. 

IMACON 100 on-stream analyzer

The IMACON 100 on-stream analyzer is a true process instrument, proven in harsh plant environments.   

IMA Autosampler: drill-chip sampling device

The IMA Autosampler automates the sampling, sample splitting, and sample bag change process. The system preserves the geological structure in the sample bag for detailed ore, waste border recognition, and visual chips logging.

IMA Blast Hole Sampler Analyzer

The Blast Hole Sampler-Analyzer (BSA) provides Analyze While Drilling (AWD) and Measure While Drilling (MWD) data to obtain accurate elemental analysis and rock/ore hardness (i.e drill/blast/crush/grind ability) information combined with ore and waste rock location coordinates.  

IMA Scanmobile: drill core analysis lab

Scanmobile – Analyzing Elements, Minerals and Rock Quality from Drill Cores