Ore Sorting Automation for Copper Mining with Advanced XRF Technology

Ore sorting is one of the focus areas mining companies are now looking at in improving mining proficiency and becoming ever more sustainable in mining. For almost a decade IMA Engineering has been developing sensor applications to better separate ore from the waste from early exploration to modern bulk ore sorting (or particle sorting). To move from theoretical studies to practical evaluation several new concepts have been successfully tested with sensor solutions. In case study below, we explain two unique approaches, which have been successfully adopted by mining companies.

The one using fast on-line XRF sensor at primary crushed ore to detect amount of waste, which can be separated before the mill (Horizon 2020 ITERAMS project), and the other to estimate sorting potential already during exploration stage by analysing drill cores or drill cuttings accurately and frequently to get practical results for real sorting potential. In both customer cases also economical calculations are explained.



Between November 30 and December 4 2020, IMA Engineering took part in the 7th International Congress on Automation in Mining Technology and digital transformation for sustainable mining. The event was held entirely online.

During the event we presented our keynote on Ore Sorting Automation for Copper Mining with Advanced XRF Technology and released an article on the same topic where we describe two novel approaches the first case covering green field exploration sorting study and the second is full scale bulk or sorting pilot.

For your consideration and additional information, both the keynote and article can be downloaded below.

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