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Exploration and feasibility studies

Significantly reduce time-to-mine

In exploration, our technology is focused on time-to-mine by increasing detailed geo-metallurgical information of the orebody. IMA Smart Mining proposal for the Underground mines is to move the manual handling of drill core samples from the mine to the laboratory.

Mobile Scanning laboratory can handle 300m to 500m fresh drill core during a day, without splitting or crushing samples. They are analyzed as they come in drill core boxes, already in the mine. Analyzing data with accurate photo or RQD reading is available to the grade control geologist in real-time from the server.



Replace time consuming manual handling of drill core samples from mine to laboratory


Handle multiple depth (300m to 500m) fresh drill core during a day


Analyze data with accurate photo or RQD reading in real time

IMA Autosampler: drill-chip sampling device

Grade control in mining plays a key part in distinguishing ore and waste rock borders and in understanding the true ore grade location and value.

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Underground Mining

Mining Safety

Metal and Industrial Mining

IMA Scanmobile: drill core analysis lab

Scanmobile is a mobile lab built in a utility truck (van) for analyzing elements minerals and rock quality from drill cores on tray. The analysis results; elemental composition, minerals and RQD-value are reported via a remote logging web browser; Remolog™.