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20% less CO2 emissions,
20% more earnings

Reduce waste and avoid ore losses

IMA solutions help mines reduce the waste going to the concentrators and avoid ore losses. Our sensors continuously monitor the material from drill rigs and conveyors. Smart ore sorting reduces waste rock dilution and moves cutoff lower. This increases ore reserves for future generations.  

More surface mining equipment becomes autonomous. IMA solutions are designed for autonomous drill rigs which need automatic sampling and analyzing sensor systems.  


Reduce mine waste

Avoid ore losses

Optimize mining processes

Improve profitability

Reduce carbon footprint

Surface mining

Our sensors are integrated on drill-rigs and collect analyze while drilling (AWD) and measure while drilling (MWD) data on benches. Thus, engineers get the right size fractions by optimizing blasting, based on accurate data.  

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Surface mining

Underground mining

In underground mining, IMA sensors analyze assay and data and locate the ore grade in stopes, LHD scoops, or on the conveyor hoisting the material. Using trackers allows sensor geo-metallurgical data to reach the concentrator metallurgist.  

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Underground mining