Probe and Cell

The slurry sampling control and analysis display contains all necessary features of modern control systems. with ease of use and simple control actions including sample line conditioning (washing) from primary sample down to multiplexer and after.


The New IMACON 100 – more flexibility

The IMACON 100 offers a great amount of flexibility in the sampling design with optional multiplexer sizes for lines from 4 to 6 lines, while 4 lines being the standard. Smaller multiplexer (MUX) sizes offer redundancy and speed in analysis when one MUX is in cleaning while the next is measuring. Ideally, concentrates are analyzed in one MUX while other MUX units may be used in Tailings and Feed sample analysis.


With three or four MUX units in one system, sample measurement cycle can be so designed so that the IMACON probe is analyzing all time without delays in waiting when the MUX washing. One MUX can be in maintenance (cleaning) while the other MUX is analyzing.

We have built the new IMACON probe inside a double stainless steel enclosure – all in one – including the probe supply and calibration sampling (SDA) unit.

The new PES Cabin has a full graphical interface and wide touch screen display, but also standard sample line lights showing the line which is in analysis, or when a calibration sample is collected.