Increase mine efficiency and productivity with the IMA BOSS

During the recent global pandemic caused by the Corona virus many mines have been forced to reduce their production or stop it entirely for an undetermined period. Furthermore, the metal prices have fallen due to lower demand and reduced production of goods. Mining companies are faced now with the challenges to meet their targets for this and coming years.

IMA Engineering suggests that mines increase the mill head grade by processing higher grade ore. However,  there is a challenge in achieving this without the low grade ore going to waste rock area.

Our solution for avoiding this is IMA Bulk Ore Sorting System (IMA BOSS).

FCA sorting.JPG

The IMA BOSS enables mines to continue the mining as planned and improving their process by doing the following things:

  • Crush the ore as usual with primary crushers.

  • Mount the IMA FCA Fast Conveyor XRF-Analyzer on top of the primary crushed ore conveyor to measure the ore grade continuously and provide average grade of the ore and waste in from 10 to 30 second time lots.

  • Use the FCA’s on line ore grade information to optimize  concentrator performance and chemical dozing before the ore enters the concentrator

  • Install IMA BOSS chute to separate the waste rock from the mill feed before it enters grinding and concentrator.

We have gathered experience from several mines for this method. Based on that you can increase the mill head grade from the low grade with 20-30% to upgrade it to medium grade ore and simultaneously increase recovery at the concentrator.

Please contact us directly to find out more about how IMA can help you increase mine efficiency and productivity.

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