Re-defining mining, for a sustainable modern life

Our purpose 


 We count on smart innovation to bring an environmental, economic, and sustainable approach for the future of mining.

Smart innovation in mining protects the resources and nature, while providing the raw materials that our modern society continuously needs.  



Today, we are leading the mining technology industry, by providing the most accurate smart mining solutions. Our sensors allow mines around the world to use less water and less energy, while obtaining better and faster results. Moreover, we reduce waste rock dilution, tailings, and ore losses, significantly diminishing the environmental impact.

for more than
30 years 

At IMA Engineering, we combine knowledge, creativity, and smart innovation, so that we can all take advantage of the innovative technologies. While bringing a revolution in mining, IMA makes sure to put people, their lives, our planet, and its resources first. Because we know that progress should go hand in hand with sustainability.

the planet,
with innovations

Metals are essential for every aspect of life we cherish. They enable real-time communication, energy production, transportation, thus supporting our modern way of living. At IMA, we are working to make future mining sustainable and better use these valuable resources, with minimum impact.

modern life



IMA sensors and solutions change perspectives in mining, making it more effective, while significantly reducing its long-term effects.


IMA solutions limit human interaction in dangerous environments. Thus, we contribute to increasing the safety for the mining companies’ employees.


We always act ethically and transparently in relation to customers, partners, communities, and authorities.


Jukka Raatikainen


Jukka Raatikainen is the CEO and founder of Ima Engineering Ltd. Jukka has graduated as a physicist (MSc.) from Eastern University of Finland in 1982 from department of applied physics. Jukka has over 30 years of experience in mining and mining relatetd technologies. Jukka‘s technical ambition has led him to develop innovative sensor solutions for minerals on-line analysis with the objective to improveing materials processing in exploration and in mining.

Ilpo Auranen

Chairman Of The Board

Ilpo is the Chairman of the Board, Ima Engineering, with a demonstrated history of working in the mining technology and mining services industry. He has extensive experience in International Sales, Mining, Engineering, Strategic Planning, and Business Development. He graduated (MSc. Mining Engineering) from the Helsinki University of Technology.

Jukka Alli

Customer Success Manager

Jukka has been with IMA for more than 12 years. He graduated from the Helsinki University of Technology as a mining and technology engineer. Jukka has also worked as a research engineer in Helsinki University of Technology and he also has long experience in international high technology manufacturing from Nokia. In IMA, he is responsible of IMA's global customer, research projects, ongoing customer service, and support management.

Matti Herlevi

Development Projects

Matti has been managing system delivery projects and developing organizational capabilities within the company in co-operation with personnel and partners since March 2021. He graduated as a physicist (MSc.) from Eastern University of Finland in 1985 from department of applied physics. Matti has extensive experience in working with SMEs and large corporations within medical technology, metal industry and for regional development projects. He has held roles of e.g. an entrepreneur, vice president, managing director, R&D manager, marketing manager, etc..

Oscar McCammond

Project Manager

Oscar graduated from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences specializing in mechanical design and production technologies. He has been working as a project engineer at IMA, in international projects as well as taken a leading role in the IMACON system development and handling. Oscar has extensive knowledge of IMA's products and their vast capabilities in the mining industry. 

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