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The Importance of Sampling and Analysis Accuracy in Grade Control

sampling and analysis accuracy

Blast hole sampling and analysis in Ore Grade Control in Mining is a topic that we feel, hasn’t been covered enough. During the month of March 2021, we aim to bring some clarity on this topic and to present some solutions to the current challenges faced by mining companies all over the world.

The Autosampler – A new IMA product for drill chip sampling

When working with drill cuttings sampling analysis we at IMA noticed that the conventional samplers with riffle and cone type sample splitters that take physical samples from drill chip were not giving good enough representative samples. We thought that there has to be a better way – and came up with the Autosampler.

On-line Sensors in Preconcentration

Waste rock removal in preconcentration has direct effect on energy consumption in crushing and grinding and chemicals in concentrator. In concentrator waste is separated and goes to tailings pond, however, preconcentration directly reduces the volume of the tailings. Download our paper from the 2020 Digital Pre-concentration Conference in Australia.