The benefits of ore sorting and sensing in mining

Ilpo Auranen, Chairman of IMA, has been recently interviewed by the International Mining Magazine on the topic of ore sorting. In this interview, Ilpo talks about the benefits of ore sorting and sensing in the mining industry, sharing a success story from an iron mine in Brazil.

The success story comes from a nickel operation in Brazil where IMA’s on-line Fast Conveyor Analyzers (FCAs) are installed at two CMP (Compañía Minera del Pacífico) iron ore mines in Chile.

“We have had a rental unit there for some time and they have now signed off on two commercial units – one for each mine. We are now discussing a case of where they will analyse the material after the primary crusher and then also the mill feed. With this application, there are intermediate stockpiles in between so the approach gives them an understanding of how the intermediate stockpiles homogenise the material and how it behaves throughout the process.” – Ilpo Auranen

The interview was published in the March issue of the International Mining Magazine. You can read the interview directly on the International Mining Magazine webpage or download a copy of the interview below.

Bulk ore sorting

What is IMA Engineering?

IMA Engineering has used on-line sensors for analyzing ore and waste rock in mining for more than 25 years. Today IMA on-line sensors are used in various stages of the mining process including on-line analysis of drill cores, drill chips, ore and waste in loader bucket, ROM ore analysis on belt conveyor belt and in bulk ore sorting and in slurry analysis in concentrators.

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