IMA Smart Mining Solutions in 2021

There is no doubt that 2021 was an interesting year for everybody. During this month we take some time to count our achievements and learn how we can further improve and serve the world.

With the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, we have reduced and, in many cases, halted completely our travel plans to visit our customers. We worked hard to transform and adapt to the new global economic and environmental situations, and this led to remote deliveries and installation of our smart mining solutions. This year we delivered and installed the IMACON remotely in Peru and other locations on the planet.

We also produced and launched our solutions video this year, to better illustrate how IMA Smart Mining Solutions work together to improve mining efficiency and reduce mining costs. For more IMA Smart Mining Solutions please visit our YouTube Channel.

Since the beginning of 2021, we have seen an increase in demand for our data driven mining technology, especially for IMACON slurry analyzers and IMA FCA (Fast Conveyor Analyzer) for belt applications and IMA BOSS – Bulk Ore Sorting System for ore preconcentration. We hacve seen an increased demand from all regions of the world. The Autosampler, another IMA product has been delivered and used in North- and South America, North Europe, South Africa, and Turkey this year. The applications where this innovative product is used range from metal mines, industrial mineral mines to gold mines.

Furthermore, The IMA Autosampler drill cuttings sampling, splitting and bagging device has found a new application in underground mining drill. 

In Bulk Ore Sorting, where the IMA BOSS has been installed it helped reduces energy consumption and related CO2 emissions for per ton metal in the ore and concentrate. Moreover, the recovery ore from waste rock by sorting is done without increasing mining tonnage and related energy consumption. This means more metal per tons in mining and up to 20% less energy consumption and CO2 emissions in mining and processing.


This year we only participated in online events due to the COVID19 restrictions. We participated in the Finnish Online Mining Delegation to Peru which was organized by Mining Finland with the support of Business Finland and in collaboration with the Peruvian company Linkminers. Later this year we also participated in the 17th International Conference on Mineral Processing and Geometallurgy, Procemin-Geomet 2021 and presented a keynote on the following topic: Economics of pre-concentration in mining: Bulk Ore Sorting in a copper mine.

Finally, we moved in a new office this year. Starting July 1st 2021, our new address is Sinikalliontie 3 B, 02630, Espoo.

You can read more about our accomplishments everything we announced this year in our new section.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our employees, customers, partners, and friends who supported IMA Engineering this year. Looking froward to a great 2022.

What is IMA Engineering?

IMA Engineering has used on-line sensors for analyzing ore and waste rock in mining for more than 25 years. Today IMA on-line sensors are used in various stages of the mining process including on-line analysis of drill cores, drill chips, ore and waste in loader bucket, ROM ore analysis on belt conveyor belt and in bulk ore sorting and in slurry analysis in concentrators.

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