The event’s takeaways

The Mining Show is the only exhibition and conference in the region that brings opportunities for companies in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. Thus, they can discover how to capitalize on the development and change in the industry. And IMA Engineering is ready to help in achieving these goals.

The event will cover key projects and the latest opportunities in mineral exploration. Also, it will emphasize the development of operations across several exciting countries.

Opportunities for the region

Speaking about the opportunities, IMA Engineering will show that by using the right technology, metal mining can be more profitable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. So, the technology developed by IMA will be available for the countries in the region.

The opportunity came as IMA partnered with Excel Industries, which is a multi-disciplinary engineering and manufacturing company. Headquartered in Ajman, it developed design engineering and manufacturing teams for projects around the world.

Interested companies may meet Jukka Raatikainen, CEO of IMA Engineering, at the Excel Industries exhibition stand. Meet us there and let’s discuss how we can improve metal mining together, with the help of our technology.