Zambian authorities are interested in Bulk ore sorting

Tommi Laitinen, the project leader for IMA Engineering, discussed IMA bulk ore sorting technology with the Zambian officials. The Zambian minister of mines, Paul Chanda Kabuswe, invited Laitinen for further discussions, as smart mining solutions are needed in Zambia.

IMA and the Zambian Minister of Mines
The Zambian Minister of Mines, Paul Chanda Kabuswe, expressed his interest in the bulk ore sorting solutions

Moreover, the IMA representative was also part of a delegation that met the Zambian minister of green economy and environment, Hon. Eng. Collins Nzovu. The delegation consisted of Her excellency Saana Halinen, Ambassador of Finland, Radai’s CEO, Ari Saartenoja, and Harry Sandström, Chairman of the Board at Radai Ltd.

Sustainable mining

Radai Oy, Zanific, and IMA Engineering representatives met world-class partners, such as Rio Tinto, and Gouiex, at the mining conference. Hosted by the Minister of Green Energy Economy and Environment, the event focused on sustainable mining and the best technologies available for this.

Using IMA’s smart mining solutions, Zambian mines will be able to reduce their costs, and protect the environment, while providing the necessary metals for the future.

Bulk ore sorting happens before the material grinding and processing. Thus, it helps save up to 50% of the energy in mining. As bulk ore sorting is a dry process, mines’ use of precious water lowers significantly.

IMA’s solutions help both small miners and big mining companies. The small miners can utilize what it was considered waste, in the old mines. They can sell it to the big mines, who save lots of resources to get the ore. This leads to important savings in essential resources such as water and energy. Also, it saves precious metals from being treated as waste.

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