IMA Engineering Achievers 2022

“We are glad and proud of this!”

IMA’s financial performance was among the best in its industry and in Finland, which brought it the certification.

“We are both glad and proud of this achievement, as it proves both the quality and reliability of our company. For this, we need to thank our employees, customers, and partners. You made this success possible!” – Jukka Raatikainen, CEO of IMA Engineering.

All the achievers are classified by Balance Consulting, which is the analysis unit of Kauppalehti. In the analysis, they consider six aspects of the candidate companies. These are growth, profitability, financial results, liquidity, solidity, and debt serviceability. As a result, this rating is both a measure of IMA’s business success and financial reliability.

The second important recognition for IMA, lately

The Kauppalehti Achiever Certificate comes just after Delloite included IMA on its Technology Fast 50 list. “This was also a surprise, as IMA was the only mining technology company on the list. Now, that Kauppalehti also granted us the Achiever Certificate, it means that we are on the right track” – Jukka Raatikainen.

You can check the full list of achievers, here (article in Finnish).

The certificate in PDF format can be downloaded from here.