IMA Autosampler, in the largest sparry magnesite deposit of the eastern alpine region

IMA members, Jukka Raatikainen, Ilpo Auranen and Damith de Silva visited the RHI Magnesite mine in Breitenau, Austria, on 7th June 2022. The mine in central Austria is operating 900m below the surface. It is one of the largest known sparry magnesite deposits in the eastern Alpine region.

Together with the geologist and the mining engineer of the company, the IMA team visited the underground mine. They examined the drilling locations and discussed the possibilities of installing an IMA Autosampler, for grade control. This is one of the key parts of distinguishing ore and waste rock borders. Moreover, IMA’s solution helps geologists understand the true ore grade, its location, and value.

IlluMINEation Autosampler Breitenau
IMA representatives examined the location and talked about installing the Autosampler


Using the Autosampler, mines earn more resources and time, while also protecting the environment. Thus, the management can make decisions about mining with accuracy, without unnecessarily spoiling natural areas.

IMA attended the fourth consortium meeting of the IlluMINAtion Conference

IMA members Jukka Raatikainen (CEO), Ilpo Auranen (COB), and Damith de Silva (research engineer) also participated in the fourth consortium meeting of EU funded Horizon 2020 project illuMINEation. The meeting was organized on the 8th & 9th of June 2022 in Leoben, Austria.

Jukka Raatikainen brought in front of the audience a comprehensive presentation on the current progress and the future perspective of the work.

IlluMINEation project
Jukka Raatikainen presented the progress of the work

IMA is part of the work package 5. Sustainable & Intelligent Mineral Resource Extraction, and the task leader for 5.3 Analyze While Drilling (AWD).