At the end of the training, he handed the certificates to the representatives of our Chilean partner, Nicolaides S.A.

The FCA training certificates guarantee improved and faster support for IMA’s Chilean customers

Oscar McCammond shared his knowledge with the trainees. He was impressed by how determined they were to learn and help IMA’s customers in Chile.

“Now, four representatives of our partner are certified for the operation and maintenance of our Fast Conveyor Analyzer. So, the Chilean mines have now the opportunity to use our products and benefit from the on-site support that we offer through Nicolaides S.A,” McCammond said.

Rodrigo Paolo Olivares Olivares, Christian Hernan Pino Abarca, Camilo Elías Herrera Pérez, and Nicolás Pérez Briones from Nicolaides S.A. are ready to act as IMA’s representatives on the customer sites. They both had three months of experience working with the Fast Conveyor Analyzer, before becoming certified.

Our customers will be the main beneficiaries

The user operation training covered the functionality of the system and the user interface operation. Also, the critical components and parts and the system’s safety were included.

The training for maintenance and service provided information for software maintenance/issues and potential mechanical damages. Moreover, it covered critical component issues and acknowledged warnings and alarms.

The certifications are valid for five years but can be renewed by IMA’s representatives during the annual service visits.

“Our customers in Chile will be the main beneficiaries of these trainings. It is important both for IMA and for them to know that they can rely on our professional support, all the time. We thank our partner Nicolaides for their important contribution to the future of mining,” Jukka Raatikainen, CEO of IMA Engineering added.

Thus, many mines in Chile, owned by two of the most important mining companies will benefit from IMA’s support, through our partner.

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