Fast Conveyor Analyzer

The IMA Fast Conveyor Analyzer (FCA) Sensor provides immediate on-line grade data, right at the crusher. No need to take the samples to the lab.

Fast Conveyor Analyzer

Loading control with advanced muck pile monitoring

Keep Ore Grade to the mill consistent, no matter how complicated ore bodies are, with IMA’s cross belt analyzer: Fast Conveyor Analyzer. 

The FCA cross belt analyzer solution sends the analysis to a mine computer or into the cloud, where loaders can see real-time data and short-time trends (truck by truck).


It helps mines keep the ore grade to the mill consistent
Analyzes each dumper load in real-time
Includes connectivity to the factory database or sends the FCA data flies in the Cloud


Get fast and accurate analysis of the ore grade by dumper load, on a minute-to-minute basis
Minimize losses by deciding to stop loading the crusher when it goes too often below the cut-off
Faster payback time, up to two months, when using the IMA FCA

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Fast Conveyor Analyzer