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Procemin-Geomet 2022

Procemin-Geomet 2022 offers an excellent opportunity for executives, professionals and academics involved in Mineral Processing and Geometallurgy to exchange knowledge, experiences, working methods, tools and technological advances.        

Procemin-Geomet 2022

, 08:00:00
, 17:00:00
Timezone: Helsinki
Location: Test location

IMA Engineering will attend the event and will present a keynote on the following topic: Economics of pre-concentration in mining: Bulk Ore Sorting in a copper mine Below, the abstract of the keynote presentation:


Pre-concentration by Bulk Ore Sorting (BOS) has gained interest in the mining industry over the past few years due to its environmental and economic benefits. The BOS method is utilizing reducing natural rock heterogeneity in separating the waste rock from the ore before it enters energy intensive grinding and mineral processing process.

The paper describes the BOS method and a test performed at a large copper mine. The test was conducted by utilizing an on-line XRF-analyzer and a belt scale on the mine main conveyor belt for measuring continuously the copper contents of the primary crushed ore in 30 second batches for Bulk Ore Sorting. Ore and waste rock dilution tonnages and grades were measured. During the five week’s test 4,5 million tons of presumed ore was analyzed and 286 000 tons of below cut-off waste rock was detected for BOS.

Calculations and projections for annualized potential mine profit increase of total of 48 million US$ are shown for the BOS method. All this is done without increasing mining costs or mined tonnage.

The quantity of BOS-methods other significant in-direct economic and environmental impacts are also estimated. These include reductions in amounts of mining, waste rock and tailings and related water and energy consumption per produced copper in concentrate.


Moreover, as the event will happen online, attendees will have access to this presentation, four short courses and more than 65 other technical presentations, on demand. The content will be available for viewing for three months after the event!

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