Autonomous Sampling and Analysis Solutions

For the past decade IMA Engineering has been developing sensor applications for any type of blasthole and reverse circulation drill rigs, with its IMA Blasthole Sampler Analyzers.

Mr. Ilpo Auranen, Chairman of IMA Engineering has been recently interviewed by Dan Gleeson from the International Mining Magazine on the topic of automating the sampling and analysis process when carrying out drilling.

According to Mr. Auranen, autonomous drilling operations have been an option for companies in the most established mining regions for more than a half decade. Despite the established nature of the technology, no miners or OEMs to date have looked to complete the automation loop with a robotised sampling and analysis system.

“They have forgotten they need samples in this process. Why have they forgot this? It is because the big drilling OEMs are not in the sampling business. They are selling the idea that automation can save you significant cents per tonne on your operating costs, but if you are not carrying out accurate sampling to find out just what you are drilling – and subsequently blasting – you are not increasing the value of your operations.” – Ilpo Auranen

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While conventional sampling and analysis processes would see personnel approach the mining bench to collect a sample only when it safe to do so and send the sample off to the lab for analysis, what IMA Engineering is proposing is a lot safer, efficient and accurate.

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Read the whole article featuring Mr. Auranen’s interview in the 2021 May issue of the International Mining Magazine. Read the article online or download a copy below.

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What is IMA Engineering?

IMA Engineering has used on-line sensors for analyzing ore and waste rock in mining for more than 25 years. Today IMA on-line sensors are used in various stages of the mining process including on-line analysis of drill cores, drill chips, ore and waste in loader bucket, ROM ore analysis on belt conveyor belt and in bulk ore sorting and in slurry analysis in concentrators.

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