OredVR transforms ore deposits in a highly visualized format

While using their in house developed ore and mineral analysis technology, IMA Engineering and Mine On-Line Service (MOLS ) have noticed that ore’s are more complex and heterogenous than what is commonly observed when using conventional sampling and analysis technology. In order to increase understanding of ore heterogeneity the IMA & MOLS has decided to join the OredVR project


About OredVR

OredVR transforms ore deposits in a highly visualised format to be explored with virtual and augmented reality. An ore deposit under exploration can be visualised with virtual reality, and augmented reality is a viable tool for mining. There are vast amount of other data that can be integrated into the same visualisation, but the most important is the information on how the ore is distributed underneath the earth surface. With cutting-edge technologies utilising virtual and augmented reality, the ore deposit and related big data can be effectively visualised and attributed so that the mining becomes more effective. Our state-of-the-art solution offers superior facility for the future of mining by offering a simple yet effective visualising practices applied for different user groups.

About the OredVR project

The OredVR project adds to the knowledge on how mining companies can use virtual reality and augmented reality in visualising ore deposits for different user groups in the value chain of a mine. The OredVR project creates a virtual reality/augmented reality platform for visualising ore deposits. This platform utilises the different data mining companies collect from the site, as well as other relevant data (such as market prices) from outside sources. The platform integrates and processes the data to produce that 3D visualisations that can be utilised for different operations with, depending on the need, virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR). It will have separate interfaces for several different users (e.g. executive level, mineral processing personnel, loading personnel, exploration planning). In addition, efficient ways for handling big data in mining environment are developed in the project.


The main advantages of using VR/AR-platform are that with VR, the data is easier to analyse and process, enabling even to solve the so-called big data problems. With AR, these data/models can be used on site for operative work. The VR/AR platform creates a cutting edge solution for the value chain of a mine to improve their operations by being able to handle the already existing data more effectively. The estimated impact for improving the effectiveness of the value chain is 20 percent.


IMA Engineering, Mine Online Service, Infrasuunnittelu, Sotkamo Silver and Queensland University support the OredVR project – Kainuun Liitto and European Regional Development Fund back up the funding for Kajaani University of Applied Sciences(KAMK)

For more information about this project and news please contact any of the participants involved.

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