“This is the result of all the work we did with our partners during the last four years! We are proud that our Autosampler proved its efficiency also in underground mines. Now we can help more mining companies differentiate ore from waste rock, leading to increased productivity reduced costs, and less waste tailings produced. Moreover, it will also contribute to the health and safety of the mining workers,” Jukka Raatikainen mentioned.

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A demonstration for the Consortium

Jukka Raatikainen demonstrated how the drill cuttings sampling device works, and the huge advantages it brings to miners, mining companies, and the economy in the context of the world’s fast electrification path. As the industry needs bigger quantities of essential metals, the Autosampler helps companies know where to mine with maximum efficiency and accuracy.

The device automates the sampling, sample splitting, and sample bag change process while preserving the geological structure of the samples, providing detailed ore-waste border identification and the possibility for visual logging of the cuttings by measure of hole depth.


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