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Underground Mining

Get instant and accurate 3D ore maps

To optimize blasting operation in underground mines IMA brings in drill-core scanning technologies. IMA  ScanMobile enables engineers to analyze more drill-cores faster, directly in the mine, to get instant accurate 3D maps of the ore. 

IMA scanning station for Load Haul Dump (LHD) scoops gives instant and accurate assay data linked to the stope and the ore grade. When LHD is unloading the material on a conveyor equipped with an IMA sensor, a tracker can be added to integrate it with the assay. 

With IMA sensors for bulk ore sorting, diverted waste can be left in the mine. As a result, engineers can optimize the recovery in the concentrator. 


Analyze more drill-cores faster, in the mine

Get instant accurate 3D ore maps

Get accurate geo-metallurgy assay data from the stope

Fast Conveyor Analyzer

The IMA Fast Conveyor Analyzer (FCA) Sensor provides immediate on-line grade data, right at the crusher. No need to take the samples to the lab.

IMA Autosampler: drill-chip sampling device

Grade control in mining plays a key part in distinguishing ore and waste rock borders and in understanding the true ore grade location and value.

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Underground Mining

Mining Safety

Metal and Industrial Mining

IMA Blast Hole Sampler Analyzer

BSA collects samples and dense drill cuttings data from production and Reverse-Circulation holes, that allows companies obtain accurate 3D maps of the blast benches. 

IMA Scanmobile: drill core analysis lab

Scanmobile is a mobile lab built in a utility truck (van) for analyzing elements minerals and rock quality from drill cores on tray. The analysis results; elemental composition, minerals and RQD-value are reported via a remote logging web browser; Remolog™.