The measuring cell in the IMACON analyzer ensures that a fresh representative sample is always present for assaying at the window surface. It keeps the flow cell window clean and free of scaling caused by active slurry contact. To make sure this happens fast, without costly interruptions and hazards for the personnel, IMA implemented the Automatic Window Roller (AWR) option, in its IMACON 100 on-stream analyzer.

“The roller changes the IMACON window periodically, ensuring consistent analytical performance. Also, it frees personnel for other important tasks. So, it saves maintenance costs, and prevents human errors, while minimizing the analyzer’s downtime,” Jukka Raatikainen, CEO of IMA Engineering explained.

The window can be changed manually or automatically (by using the AWR option). The roller reduces the risk of measurement errors and reduces safety risks such as exposure to potentially hazardous or toxic slurry samples or any accidents during the film change.