During years of extensive field experience and testing we have found that the waste rock dilution and ore losses create much larger economic and environmental losses than has been previously recognized. According to our studies the main reason is limited number of analysis already in exploration when drill cores or drill cuttings are used in block modelling. The same happens in production because too few and biased samples from benches are used to estimate the ore grade. Much more than today estimated amount of waste enters the mill and considerable volumes of ore losses happen at the same time. The ore grade on the benches and in muck piles is averaged and “homogenized” with averaged and biased samples. These are the main root causes of waste rock dilution and ore losses.

Sensor based preconcentration can be the remedy to waste rock dilution and ore losses. This presentation will show examples of the use of on-line sensors in preconcentration when analysing ore and waste rock in drill cores, drill cuttings, on conveyor belt and in bulk ore sorting.

Waste rock removal in preconcentration has direct effect on energy consumption in crushing and grinding and chemicals in concentrator. In concentrator waste is separated and goes to tailings pond, however, preconcentration directly reduces the volume of the tailings.

In our presentation we will cover cases in ferrous and base metals and in gold mines. Register and watch the program on the event page.

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