The movie addresses Europe’s quest for responsible mining, focusing on the energy transition metals. These are the core elements of producing cleantech products, to achieve climate neutrality as soon as possible.

Here is the movie, reproduced with the permission of SIM² KU Leuven:

Smart Mining Technology, for a Secured and Carbon-free World

Permanently committed to sustainable mining practices and innovation, including the Horizon Europe AVANTIS project, IMA Engineering promotes this video.

In the project, IMA Engineering will contribute to the improvement of fragmentation in blasting. Also, IMA will be involved in the separation of Vanadium and Titanium rich materials, from the waste rock, using the Bulk Ore Sorting method. This will happen before grinding and mineral processing, which are energy-intensive processes.

Read more about our Fast Conveyor Analyzer, used in Bulk Ore Sorting.

“We are proud that the technology we develop is used already in mines on four continents, and helps them become more efficient, while wisely administering natural resources. We need these critical elements to save the future of the world. But it is essential that mines responsibly extract them, using less energy, fewer chemicals, and diminishing the costs,” Jukka Raatikainen, CEO of IMA Engineering mentioned.

According to the Critical Raw Materials Act, Europe set a goal to diversify its supply chains for these elements. At least 10% of the domestic extraction of Li, Co, Ni, and Cu would make it less dependent on China, and Russia.