Nineteen partners developed bright concepts for a safe and sustainable digital mining future. The consortium provided a summary of the most important recent project activities.

After 42 months, the illuMINEation consortium announces its successful project completion in February 2024.

The project significantly supports the digital transformation of the mining sector. It brings safety improvements, environmental sustainability, and talent attraction, to industry collaboration.

The mining industry is embracing fast the age of automation and digitalization. So, illuMINEation brings its contribution to a future where mining is both efficient and environmentally sustainable, while also technologically advanced and socially accepted.

One of the key achievements of the project lies in its potential to support the implementation of digitalization initiatives in the mining sector.

By utilizing Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies, illuMINEation provides a framework for efficiently managing mining activities to increase operational efficiency.

the success of the IlluMINEation project

“We, at IMA Engineering, are so grateful for contributing to the success of the IlluMINEation project, which reshapes the future of underground mining. The solutions we developed with our partners make the mining sector more efficient and protect the health and safety of the workers. This means that the metal-bearing ores, so important for the current technology leap can be located and mined selectively and more responsibly. This has a big economic and environmental impact,” Jukka Raatikainen, CEO of IMA Engineering mentioned.

The project focused on the development of technology solutions that also help reduce human involvement in hazardous mining operations.

Moreover, the project results address safety concerns by minimizing the risks associated with mining activities, playing a crucial role in reducing accident rates and contributing to a safer working environment. This change makes mining safer for workers, while also increasing the reliability and credibility of the industry.