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IMA sensors collect real-time geo-metallurgical and ore grade data during production  from drill cores, drill cuttings and ore on conveyor belt or loader bucket before the material enters the processing mill, concentrator or waste rock area. 

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Mining innovation IMA Engineering

Ore Analysis on Conveyor

IMA on-line Fast Conveyor Analyzer (FCA) used in sensing coarse primary crushed and/or fine crushed ore before it enters the grinding mills and concentrator. The role of the FCA is to fast track the ore grade and type for optimum processing by delivering immediate feedback of ore grade to loaders at the muck pile. The information is also fed forward  for process optimization few hours before the ore enters mills and concentrator. Loading wrong ore type or waste rock is thus avoided, and ore blending is optimized, and different minerals can be treated with optimum and sustainable way. This reduces waste rock dilution and increases mill through put and metal recovery in the concentrator. Further ore losses can be reduced by more accurate reactive loading. All this improves mine economy and reduces mining costs. 

FCA sorting.JPG

Bulk Ore Sorting System

IMA Bulk Ore Sorting System (BOSS) technology is the most economic option for in pre-concentration for your mine. IMA BOSS typically sorts ore and waste rock and/or different grades ore by analyzing the mill feed on primary crushed ore conveyor in short time batches. No ore screening or other pretreatment is required.  To proceed with the BOSS concept a simple application study is performed with your samples at IMA BOSS Laboratory. This lab study is then followed by a short pilot test in the mine with FCA unit mounted over on the mine’s existing ore conveyor. This combination of IMA BOSS lab and field studies combined with economic benefit calculation shows in a few months bulk ore sorting potential and proposed sorting arrangement for your mine.


IMACON 100 On-Stream XRF Analyser

Rapid and automatic analysis with the IMACON 100 allows mineral producers to promptly detect changes in incoming material and Products, allowing them to take appropriate action in the process streams. The analyzer, which can be used with both slurries and powders, typically measures 1-3 elements from multiple process streams. The measured elements represent either valuable minerals or impurities, as required.


Blasthole and R/C drill chip sampling and analysis

IMA Blasthole Sampler-Analyzer, called PDSA, collects samples and dense drill cuttings data from production and R/C holes. This dense and accurate real-time data can be used to make accurate 3D mine maps of the blast benches. The PDSA is a fully automatic sampling and analysis robot that can be integrated on any manufacture’s drill rig. It requires no operators and it enables in autonomous drilling by removing sampling personnel from the blast benches. The PDSA provides Analyze While Drilling (AWD) and Measure While Drilling (MWD) data to provide accurate elemental analysis and rock/ore hardness (i.e drill / blast / crush / grind ability) information combined with ore and wasterock location coordinates.


Grade control in mining operations plays a key part in distinguishing ore and waste rock borders and in understanding the true ore grade, location and value. The Autosampler is operated from the drill cabin and it automates the sampling, sample splitting and sample bag change process. The system includes a new, highly accurate cone-type sample splitter and an innovative sample collection system which preserves the geological structure in the sample bag for detailed ore and waste border recognition and visual chips logging.

Digital Mobile Minerals Analyzer

Scanmobile – Mobile  laboratory for drill core analysis.

Scanmobile is a mobile lab built in a utility truck (van) for analyzing elements minerals and rock quality from drill cores on tray. The analysis results; elemental composition, minerals and RQD-value are reported via a remote logging web browser; Remolog™.