That’s why Dan Gleeson, from International Mining Magazine, interviewed Ilpo Auranen, Chairman of the Board of IMA Engineering on this matter. Ilpo emphasized the importance of the sampling, as industry representatives focus on mineral analysis.

“People like to talk about mineral analysis, but the sample itself is more important,” he mentioned. “Once we have the sampling process refined to the point where it is representative of the orebody in question, then we can start to address the need to improve the time it takes to go from exploration to production,” Auranen added.

To also reduce this industry interval, Ilpo emphasizes the most suitable solutions.

“We need to leverage more real-time analysis in the field and reprioritize what we send to a laboratory. To do this, the mining sector needs to understand where lab-scale accuracy is critical to decision-making and where in-field data can be used effectively to accelerate the transition,” he explained.

And this is exactly what IMA Engineering’s smart mining technology helps mining companies do. Download the PDF to read the entire interview.