IMA Engineering’s Fast Conveyor Analyzer (FCA) story goes on in South America, as Ville Hakala, VP of the company visited the iron mines using IMA units.
Together with our esteemed partners in Chile, Nicolás Pérez Briones, and Enzo Ferrari Reyes from Nicolaides Industrial S.A, they visited the Compañía Minera del Pacífico Los Colorados mine and the Pellet plant, in Huasco.
Gerardo Saavedra Venegas, process engineer at Compañía Minera del Pacífico, coordinated the arrangements at Los Colorados.
Also, Cecilia Urzúa, Pellet Plant Operations Superintendent, and Hernán Rodríguez Descovic, Plant-Port Planning Superintendent, spared their precious time to join us.
”It is really important for us to meet our customers and support our local partner’s service team to take care of the installed units. These are impressive implementations of our Fast Conveyor Analyzer, providing robust performance in the sunny and dusty Atacama Desert conditions”, Ville Hakala mentioned.

Fast and accurate maintenance work

At Compañía Minera del Pacífico’s Cerro Negro Norte iron mine, the team conducted maintenance on the IMA FCA Analyzer installation. During a tight 40-minute window, the team managed to complete the maintenance of the equipment, without disrupting production.
“We knew we had just a short amount of time to do our maintenance work, so we planned everything carefully. Everything went according to the plan, and we are proud to show what we can do together to help mining companies improve their processes and production,” Nicolás Pérez Briones mentioned.
This efficiency was made possible by the high performance of our trained and certified partner from Nicolaides Industrial S.A, and the real-time remote support from our IMA Engineering technical team in Finland.
“IMA Engineering is committed to working long-term with its partners and customers. This brings to the mines the efficiency in adapting the technologies required to improve the profitability of their processes,” Hakala added.

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