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Data for surface mining

IMA Sensors combine GeoMet Data flow from Exploration to concentrator. Much more data on benches than conventional mining produces

Exploration and grade control data for surface mining

Where mines use drill core scanning, IMA Scanning Sensor provides ten times more accurate data, ten times faster, with lower cost.  (See also U/G mine and IMA core scanning options)


It combines AWD and MWD from the drill rig, for each hole

RGB analysis as an option for each drill and drill core

Obtain fast accurate data of drill cores


Fractured drill core, illuminated in the drill core box

Integration with any mine planning software for 3D  modelling

Detailed high-resolution photos of the full length of the drill

Real estimation of the rock quality, blastability and hardness. 

Follow the ore when it is hauled loaded, with ore trackers.

Exploration and grade control data for surface mining