Ima Engineering response to COVID-19

In times of distress IMA Engineering, took measures to minimize human exposure to COVID19.

Like everybody else, we want to do our part in battling the corona virus.

A few years ago our company already started to promote remote work for its employees. We encouraged our workforce to work from home for a day or two per week. This has been going on for a while now and we are all well accustomed to working remotely. We also implemented policies and tested tools to help our employees make the most out of remote work.

This aligns with our company strategy in supporting our customers remotely and becoming ever more sustainable in our every day work. Our products and services help companies become more profitable and environment friendly and our way of working is in line with the value we provide to our clients. Our customer are spread on every continent, so traveling to remote sites by air is not sustainable and not always the best way one can use his or her working hours.

Here are a few things we started doing IMMEDIATELY in our office and on the factory floor.

  • We follow strictly our government recommendations during this crisis for face to face meetings, hygiene and social distancing

  • We stay at home and check for any symptom of illness

  • All of our employees are working from home for the time being

  • We go to office and our factory only when we absolutely needed so

  • We agreed with our suppliers to avoid personal meetings and limit these to one-to-one in case we have to work together in a project

  • We monitor remotely, where possible, our products for maintenance and performance

While working remotely, we are still fully operational and committed to supporting our clients wherever they are on the planet. Just drop us a line and will be happy to connect with you.

We all have to be patient and wait until things turn for the better. We wish everybody courage and strength to carry on during these challenging times.

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