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IMA Engineering’s solutions arouse interest at Zimec 2022

Meeting with the Zambian Ministry of Green Economy and Environment

IMA Engineering presented its bulk ore sorting smart solution, at Zimec 2022, the longest-running mining and energy event in Zambia.  The event in Kitwe is taking place between 1-3 November and brings together important mining players and technology providers.  

IMA Smart Mining Solutions in 2021

There is no doubt that 2021 was an interesting year for everybody. During this month we take some time to count our achievements and learn how we can further improve and serve the world. We also produced and launched our solutions video this year, to better illustrate how IMA Smart Mining Solutions work together to improve mining efficiency and reduce mining costs. For more IMA Smart Mining Solutions please visit our YouTube Channel.

Digital and Sustainable Ore Sorting Solutions

bulk ore sorting system

Mr. Ilpo Auranen, Chairman of IMA Engineering has been recently interviewed by Dan Gleeson from the International Mining Magazine on the topic of Ore Sorting and Pre-Concentration Technology. You can read the whole article featuring Mr. Auranen’s interview in the 2021 March issue of the International Mining Magazine. Read the complete article and interview online or download a copy below.

The Importance of Sampling and Analysis Accuracy in Grade Control

sampling and analysis accuracy

Blast hole sampling and analysis in Ore Grade Control in Mining is a topic that we feel, hasn’t been covered enough. During the month of March 2021, we aim to bring some clarity on this topic and to present some solutions to the current challenges faced by mining companies all over the world.

Integrated Mining Technologies for More Sustainable Raw Material Supply

In 2017, the Iterams project consortium started the adventure towards more sustainable mining under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 program. The project marked a new direction to the mining industry in relation to mine water and tailings. One of the main challenges of this century is to conserve and protect freshwater. The team at ITERAMS has published THE H2020 ITERAMS INTEGRATED MINING TECHNOLOGIES FOR MORE SUSTAINABLE RAW MATERIAL SUPPLY book this month.

The importance of Ore Sorting to the overall mining production

The Journal of Cleaner Production was recently published, as part of the EU-funded ITERAMS project. Ima Engineering is taking part in the EU-funded project ITERAMS, “Integrated Mineral Technologies for More Sustainable Raw Material Supply” and our CEO Jukka Raatikainen contributed to this article which is a review of closed water loops with ore sorting and tailings valorisation for a more sustainable mining industry.