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Economics of pre-concentration in mining: Bulk Ore Sorting in a copper mine

Pre-concentration by Bulk Ore Sorting (BOS) has gained interest in the mining industry over the past few years due to its environmental and economic benefits. The BOS method is utilizing reducing natural rock heterogeneity in separating the waste rock from the ore before it enters energy intensive grinding and mineral processing process.

Reducing carbon footprint in mining by bulk ore sorting

Sustainability and environmental consideration stand at the core of IMA’s philosophy. Everything we do is to help mines become more efficient and environmentally sustainable. In Bulk Ore Sorting the IMA BOSS is removing waste rock from mineral concentrator feed material and replacing it from ore recovered by sorting from waste rock.

Remote installations and reduction in CO2 emissions

With the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, we have reduced and, in many cases, halted completely our travel plans to visit our customers. We worked hard to transform and adapt to the new global economical and environmental situations, and this led to remote deliveries and installation of our smart mining solutions. This month we delivered and installed the IMACON remotely in Peru. Our solutions are installed and used in a copper mine.

Increase mine efficiency and productivity with the IMA BOSS

Mining companies are faced now with the challenges to meet their targets for this and coming years. IMA Engineering suggests that mines increase the mill head grade by processing higher grade ore. However this can lead to there is a challenge in achieving this without the low grade ore going to waste rock area.

IMA and TecProMin at Perumin 34

Last month we were in Peru for Perumin 34, the second-largest mining convention in the world and we were happy to meet customers and so many old and new friends.

The Kitwe Seminar for Small Scale Miners

In June IMA Engineering continued the collaboration with the Zambian mining technology through the Kitwe seminar. IMA Engineering has been appointed by the Finnish Embassy and AGS Programme Management Unit in Lusaka to conduct a feasibility study whose aim is to develop new mining businesses and encourage collaboration between Finnish and Zambian mining technology providers.

IMA Engineering in the Africa Outlook magazine

We are please to announced the new issue of the Africa Outlook magazine where IMA Engineering was featured. Africa Outlook is a digital and print product for business executives across a wide range of industries wanting to keep up with the latest in global news affecting African businesses.

Finland aims to take the lead in Europe’s battery production

In the context of an increasingly growing market like the one of batteries, which by 2025 is estimated to reach €250 billion, Europe wants to become the leader in innovation, digitalisation and decarbonisation. Battery production is essential for clean energy transition, therefore research and innovative technologies play a strategic role.