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Integrated Mining Technologies for More Sustainable Raw Material Supply

In 2017, the Iterams project consortium started the adventure towards more sustainable mining under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 program. The project marked a new direction to the mining industry in relation to mine water and tailings. One of the main challenges of this century is to conserve and protect freshwater. The team at ITERAMS has published THE H2020 ITERAMS INTEGRATED MINING TECHNOLOGIES FOR MORE SUSTAINABLE RAW MATERIAL SUPPLY book this month.

Next phase ITERAMS project meeting in Austria

IMA Engineering is happy to announce that the ITERAMS project reached its next stage after 2 years of hard work. Now in proof of concept phase, the teams are busy working on testing and publishing their research made in mines in Finland, Portugal and South-Africa. 


IMA was pleased to participate at the general meeting of the ITERAMS project held at Hotel Front Maritim, between and 30.11 amd 1.12.2017 in Barcelona, Spain.

We had very productive and interesting meetings. We also enjoyed meeting and talking to all attendees as usual. Thanks everybody!