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Loading control – Cross-belt analysis


Blasted ore grade is not always as estimated, but no worries, IMA can offer a solution – the Fast Conveyor Analyzer gives immediate on-line analysis at the crusher.

Instant real-time analysis is used to mix the different ores of different
mineralogies in the mine to get targeted grade in the mill feed. The grade by every dumper load is monitored, and ore grade in muckpile can be confirmed based on the analysis of these loads.

The FCA analyzer performance has been verified in a copper mine by comparing the FCA analyzed grade at the crusher to the analysis given by the on-line Outotec´s CourierTM few hours later and with composite laboratory analysis results. Graphs which were synchronized (by time delay) on below, show how the FCA Cu% analysis trend of the coarse crushed primary ore and Courier analysis follow each other.

The new FCA model analyzes even the coarsest fractions of dumper loads with minute-to-minute frequency. Blending and mixing of ore piles has never been easier. Lump size up to 400mm does not affect the analysis.

Fast and easy ore reconciliation and immediate reaction if off-spec ore gets into crusher. Alarms as SMS messages to mobile phones can be sent.