Digitalization and X-ray high-tech in mining

During my short period working with IMA, I was privileged to learn a lot about mine digitalization and the prospects to use X-ray-based high-tech equipment for sampling and analyzing ore to ensure the sustainability of the resource while increasing the profit and reducing the carbon footprint.

IlluMINEation, for sustainable and intelligent mineral resources extraction

Further, I could take part in several local and international projects including the Horizon 2020 illuMINEation project. I participated in the fourth consortium meeting of EU funded project, which was held on the 8th & 9th of June 2022 in Leoben, Austria, along with the Jukka Raatikainen (CEO of IMA) and Ilpo Auranen (COB).

The project aims to develop “Bright concepts for a safe & sustainable digital mining future”. IMA is one of the key project partners in developing Sustainable & intelligent mineral resources extraction techniques and I am very delighted to announce that I will be doing my master’s thesis related to this work. During the Austria visit, we also visited the RHI Magnesita mine in Breitenau, which is the largest known sparry magnesite deposit in the eastern Alpine region, and discuss the future proceeding with installing the IMA Autosampler in RHI Magnesita underground mine currently operating 900m below the surface.

Jukka Raatikainen (left) and Damith de Silva, during their visit at the RHI Magnesita mine, in Breitenau

Maintenance for a Fast Conveyor Analyzer

Moreover, I took part in a maintenance visit to Sotkamo Silver mine in Central Finland where IMA Fast Conveyor Analysis FCA has been installed planning to conduct bulk ore sorting. During the visit, I could get a handful of experiences on the real-life mine and regular maintenance of FCA.

I am so glad that I joined IMA because I could contribute to the sustainable use of minerals and drive the world towards Clean Future – Energy with Zero Carbon Emissions. I strongly believe that the company is a perfect place to grow within and gain experience in every aspect such as R&D, customer service, maintenance, support management, etc.