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Geological mapping with new exploration tools

Sampler-Analyzer with an integrated splitter collects representative physical (R/C) split samples to the laboratory. Total number of samples can be minimized when every meter is analyzed in real-time. On-line data is used to select samples to the laboratory (30% reduction in laboratory costs).

In pit grade control by R/C drilling through several benches with on-line analysis and sampling – less samples to laboratory – accurate and fast but inexpensive.
R/C drilling and sampling cost is one third of drill core sampling and analysis.

Scanmobile – Drill core on-line analysis

IMA drill core scanning technology is used on-site or in drill core storage to speed-up exploration, and to reduce the need to send all the samples to the laboratory (Scanmobile service through Mine On-Line Service).

Shorter time-to-mine and cost savings in exploration with automated and fast drill core scanning technology. Ideal for bulk drill core logging.

Scanmobile drill core scanning analysis data and remote logging with browser service (for more details on remote logging see Mine On-Line Service). Scanmobile service 30% less samples to the laboratory and ½year time saving in drill campaign. Less empty holes – reactive drill plans.

IMA and MOLS can deliver fully integrated on-line laboratory including chemical and mineral analysis using different analytical and geophysical methods.