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The Fast Conveyor Analyzer story goes on in South America

Fast Conveyor Analyzer - Maintenance 01

IMA Engineering’s Fast Conveyor Analyzer (FCA) story goes on in South America, as Ville Hakala, VP of the company visited the iron mines that use IMA’s cross belt analyzers. Fill in the form below to download the Fast Conveyor Analyzer brochure. 

Faster and more accurate sampling, analysis, and assay

automatic sampling

The current need for minerals and metals forces mining companies to sample, analyze, and assay faster and more efficiently. This generates a mindset shift, as the outcomes for mining companies are essential. However, speeding up the process needs the right technology, which can provide the necessary accuracy and efficiency.  IMA Engineering has developed and proved […]

IMA Presents the New Automatic Window Roller for IMACON 100

Automatic window roller

The new Automatic Window Roller for IMACON 100 on-stream analyzer helps mining companies minimize the analyzer’s downtime, reduce safety risks such as exposure to potentially hazardous or toxic slurry samples or any accidents during the film change.

IMA Autosampler – Prevent risks of silica exposure in mining

Prevent risks of silica exposure

The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MHSA) wants to prevent risks of silica exposure to airborne dust in mining work. Using IMA smart mining technology reduces risks of silica exposure, in mining. Silica is a common mineral in many types of rocks, such as quartz, sandstone, granite, and shale. Drilling, crushing, or blasting these rocks, […]